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Women of Hope

Recognizing the unique design, needs and gifting of Christian women, this ministry aims to inspire women to godliness and excellence through biblical teaching and mentoring relationships (Titus 2:3-5)

Blessed Hope’s Women’s Dept. Ministry seeks to:

LEAD women to accept Christ as Lord, to become women of deep prayer, and to study the Bible and base their entire lives on the Word of God.

EQUIP women in our church to enrich the lives of other women and their families through Christ.

ENABLE a woman to discover her God-given gifts for ministry, search out the needs in her church and community, and match those needs with her gifting.

Women of Hope

Why Have a Women’s Ministry?
To help women feel accepted when they join our church.
To follow Christ’s example of ministry to and with women.
To open the door to meaningful relationships
To encourage women to discover, develop, and use their spiritual gifts
To encourage spiritually older women to mentor (teach) spiritually
younger women.
To help women fight spiritual battles.
To affect families as women’s lives are drawn closer to Christ.
To provide vision and networking for both in-reach and outreach ministries.
To offer “woman-to-woman” understanding.
To offer “woman-to-woman” lay counseling.
To help our church grow numerically and spiritually strong.
What does Titus 2 teach us about ministry of and to women?
Help women grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ
Help women get established in the Word of God
Help women learn to serve in love
Help women understand how to live out the gospel of Christ

Activities that fall under Blessed Hope’s Women’s Department

Central to the Women’s Dept. is the Women’s Bible Study class. – Tues. 6:00 p.m. (This class is designed to be a safe place for sharing as we explore the Word of God together.)
Women’s Day and (associated activities) – Michelle Kinney and Dolisha Moton are our Chair and Co-chair persons for 2020 activities
Women’s Retreats, conferences, and seminars (spiritual and specialty) 
Life Skills Training
Prayer support
Counseling and mentoring 
Community service activities
Women’s fellowships
Support as needed within the Church

How is the Women’s Dept. Organized?
Every woman that joins Blessed Hope automatically becomes part of the Women’s Department so that she may both receive and give necessary support. Ministries listed under the Women’s Department are:

Deaconesses/Mothers/Minister’s Wives Committee 
Senior Women (ages 55+) 
Naomis (ages 36-54)
Young Ruths (ages 18-35)
*Each group mentors and supports the younger groups and seeks support from the older groups


Ladies Weekly Bible Study Class

Ladies, if someone wrote you a love letter, wouldn’t you keep it close to your heart and read it every day? Well, God has written you a love letter straight from His heart to yours!  Its called: the Bible, God’s holy Word. Come join us on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. weekly for our Women’s Bible Study class for a Spirit-filled, relevant, interactive, walk through the Holy Scriptures. If you are looking for a life-changing study that is sound but relevant to today’s woman, this is the class for you! Let us lead you to a clear understanding of God’s love letter to you. We look forward to seeing you there.


Sis. Gail Twymon (First Lady) is the Director of Women’s Ministries working with and supporting all of the above listed ministries. 

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