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Pastor Johnny F. Twymon

Pastor | Husband | Father | Teacher

Dr. Johnny F. Twymon is the founding Pastor of The Blessed Hope Missionary Baptist Church, located in Cleveland, Ohio which was organized in October, 1984.  Pastor Twymon has been married to Mrs. Gail Twymon for 47 years. He is the father of one son (Rev. John Alan), one daughter, (Natalie Nicole) and granddaughter, (Jade).   Under his administration, he has installed over 25 Pastors from the Blessed Hope Missionary Baptist Church, and started age appropriate ministries within Blessed Hope that include every member of the church.  He is one of the founding Pastors of the Northeastern Ohio Association of Baptist Ministers (NOABM) where he has been President for over 15 years. He also does missionary work in Nairobi, Kenya at the Salama Baptist Orphanage where he along with the membership of the Blessed Hope Missionary Baptist Church purchase shoes, clothes, food and sponsor annual birthday celebrations for the entire orphanage.  He has also done missionary work in the Virgin Island for the Virgin Island Ministries. Pastor Twymon is always available for the needs of the church and surrounding communities.


Yours by Calvary’s Ties,


The Blessed Hope Missionary Baptist Church 

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